Installing Helène Aylon’s “All Rise”

We’re a few days behind in posting images. Last Thursday, Helène Aylon came in to install her major work “All Rise.” The color and the scale of the piece perfectly fits that of its gallery, amazing since the artist had not inking of this presentation when she designed and produced it in 2007. Click thumbnails […]

Installing Tamara Kostianovsky’s “Unearthed”

Yesterday we installed Tamara Kostianovsky’s amazingly realistic sculpture of a side of beef made from clothes: “Unearthed” (2007). Pictured are art handlers Annie Varnot and John Ros, registrar Julie Maguire, and curator Daniel Belasco. Thanks to JiaJia Fei for taking these and all the following photos as we document the placement of the larger and […]

Talmudic Labels

The other critical element of the exhibition design is the graphics: the wall texts that introduce the overarching ideas of the show, and the labels that describe each work individually. Reinventing Ritual was fortunate to have the extremely talented designer Emily Lessard working on both the catalogue and the exhibition graphics. Indeed, the compositional and […]