Q&A: Ann McGovern, Ezra Jack Keats’ Friend & Collaborator

Curatorial Assistant Emily Casden: You’ve worn many hats throughout your career: you’re an award-winning children’s author, poet, biographer, editor—and a model too! Am I missing anything? Ann McGovern: Interacting with children in schools and hearing their feedback is important to me. I talk to kids about writing and reading, and what inspired me to write […]

Maya Zack: Bringing the Past to Life in 3D

A 3D artwork? When I first read Maya Zack’s proposal for Living Room, I was skeptical. Would it seem too trendy? But the moment I put the glasses on and the images came to life, I was deeply moved by what I saw. In Living Room, Zack uses the memories of a man, born Manfred […]