Helena Rubinstein: Constructing an Image, Building an Empire

Ad from 1929

In addition to appearing in her ads, Rubinstein established a connection with her customers by addressing them personally, as in this ad from 1929. After detailing the “tragedies of age,” Rubinstein provides comfort by assuring that her products can give women “radiant, lasting beauty.” Her own lasting beauty, seen in the accompanying portrait by George Maillard Kesslere, is idealized: though she appears youthful in the painting, she was more than 50 years old when it was made.

For the upcoming exhibition Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power (October 31, 2014 – March 22, 2015), Alex Kelly, the spring Shoshanna and David Wingate Curatorial Intern, assisted the Jewish Museum curatorial staff in gathering research on Helena Rubinstein’s life, collection, and cosmetics business. Here, Alex reflects on the experience of getting to know this charismatic [...]

Wind Up Performer High Water on Loving Music, Mixing Genres, and Playing the Jewish Museum

High Water

High Water. Photo: Jed DeMoss

On Thursday, July 24, The Wind Up returns to celebrate the cerebral and colorful Thesaurus paintings of Mel Bochner at Alphabet Party. The evening will feature a genre-blending live performance by artist Will Epstein‘s latest musical project, High Water. The Jewish Museum spoke with Epstein about High Water and what to look forward to at this Thursday’s show.