Dance Yourself Free

This Sunday, the Jewish Museum will host its annual Freedom Art Jam to celebrate Passover with art, music, and dancing. This family-friendly event features performances by The Macaroons and Baby Loves Disco, as well as activities such as matzah storybook making and gallery tours. In anticipation, we sat down with Rachel Levine, Senior Manager of Family Programs, to […]

The Charming Woman

We love our docents! One of ours stopped by to show us an incredible set of 1950s beauty guides that her daughter found at home. Beauty expert Helena Rubinstein wrote the columns on skin care and cosmetics for a mail order course entitled “The Charming Woman.” This quaint, day-by-day lesson plan promises to help women […]

Views from the Table

A family gathers for Passover dinner. The table, laden with the trappings of observance and celebration, seems to keep its sitters at a distance. They hold their Haggadot, with pages softened by use, seemingly caught in disparate worlds. What does one make of this family of different faces, to which the viewer — whose hands loom large over the proceedings — belongs?