Isaac Mizrahi’s New Looks: Bubble, Dropcloth, and Dazzle.

  For his exhibition at the Jewish Museum on view through August 7, designer Isaac Mizrahi created three new coats, harkening back to his couture roots. Bubble, Dropcloth, and Dazzle, three sack-shaped, over-large coats that are representative of his signature boldness, updated for the contemporary woman. Much of the exhibition features looks from the 90s […]

Why is this Night Different from All Other Nights?

Passover begins this Friday at sundown, ending at dusk on Saturday, April 30. The holiday memorializes the Israelites’ liberation from slavery and the Exodus from Egypt. Lasting for eight days, Passover starts with the ritual seder meal, usually celebrated on the first and second nights. The centerpiece of the table is a specially designed plate laden […]