Patricia Williams

Patricia Williams is the James L. Dohr Professor of Law at Columbia University. She authors the column “Diary of a Mad Law Professor” for The Nation Magazine and maintains a blog at Marc Adelman’s montage Stelen is filled with “cruel harmonies and stimulating rhythms,” as Edgard Varese described Stravinsky’s 1913 debut of The Rite [...]

Oliver Wasow

Oliver Wasow is a photographer whose work often incorporates images found on the Internet. In 2012, his work was included in “Faking it: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s difficult to talk about on-line privacy without first acknowledging that the very idea is a fallacy. Regardless of what the law [...]

Marc Adelman

Marc Adelman is a visual artist based in San Francisco. His work in video, installation, and performance often employs the use of appropriated footage and images as a means of examining the cultural history of HIV and AIDS and queer memorialization. If there ever was a semblance of privacy during the early days of the Internet, [...]