Jack Goldstein and The Art of Disappearing

Jack Goldstein

Jack Goldstein

“Hey, I’m over here, I’m over here.”  These are the words Jack Goldstein wanted you to hear. “That’s what my paintings have always been about,” he told artist and writer Meg Cranston in a May 2001 interview in Venice, California. “I’ve always been screaming that through my work.” Jack Goldstein wanted to be seen. To [...]

Exploring Primary Structures through the Archives

As the Shoshanna Wingate Curatorial Intern, my main project was to reconstruct the floorplan and checklist from the 1966 exhibition Primary Structures, one of the most significant and innovative shows presented at  The Jewish Museum. Primary Structures was one of the first shows that officially defined a new trend in sculpture – Minimalism. The curator, Kynaston McShine, [...]

Who Owns What in the Digital Age

Marc Adelman’s Stelen (Columns) (2007–11) was included in The Jewish Museum exhibition Composed: Identity, Politics, Sex (Dec. 23, 2011–June 30, 2012). The work comprises a set of photographs Adelman found on a gay dating website. Following a published review of the exhibition, the Museum received complaints from several people whose profile pictures were featured in Stelen. Their comments [...]