Dani Gal Discusses As from Afar with Jens Hoffmann

Dani Gal’s short film As from Afar explores the relationship between Simon Wiesenthal, an architect and Holocaust survivor who devoted his life to hunting Nazi criminals, and Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect and close confidant. The film is based on letters the two men exchanged in the 1970s. Speer initiated the correspondence with Wiesenthal in 1974 in the effort to [...]

The Cutoff Man

In The Cutoff Man, director Idan Hubel returns to Nahariya once again. His three shorts, leading up to this, his first full-length film, all take place in this northern Israeli city.  The barren lands of Nahariya play a major part in this film, which deals with issues linked, or rather symbolized, by one of Israel’s [...]

A Story of Life, Told by Numbers

In the discussion following Numbered, Co-director Dana Doron spoke with Annette Insdorf, Professor in the Graduate Film Program of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, Director of Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia, and author of the book Indelible Shadows: Film and Holocaust. A doctor by profession, Doron recounted the event that triggered the making of [...]