A Story of Life, Told by Numbers

In the discussion following Numbered, Co-director Dana Doron spoke with Annette Insdorf, Professor in the Graduate Film Program of Columbia University’s School of the Arts, Director of Undergraduate Film Studies at Columbia, and author of the book Indelible Shadows: Film and Holocaust. A doctor by profession, Doron recounted the event that triggered the making of [...]

A Ballad of Hope and Revival

The story of The Ballad of the Weeping Spring seems to be removed from any specific place or time. One may assume it is set in Israel since the characters speak in Hebrew, but this is not an existent Israel, nor one that ever truly existed. It is rather a dreamland, a purely fantastical and [...]

How am I doing? Koch on “Koch”

The Walter Reade Theater was packed last Sunday afternoon for the 22nd New York Jewish Film Festival‘s screening of Koch. Mayor Edward I. Koch himself was present, accompanied by Diane M. Coffey who served as his Chief of Staff while he was in office. Neil Barsky’s thoroughly enjoyable documentary, which will be released by Zeitgeist [...]