Access Programs: Materials & Techniques

Within the museum world, collaboration is not a new concept. For years, museums have been joining forces to accomplish a range of goals including mounting exhibitions, purchasing works of art and coordinating programming. Cross-institutional partnerships allow for cost-sharing in the face of increasing acquisition and insurance rates, as well as the sharing of research, scholarship, and other resources.

Education departments of museums regularly collaborate with schools, libraries, or service organizations – and more and more, they are partnering with each other to tackle issues of marketing, space and programming to offer innovative programs to diverse audiences. The Education Department at The Jewish Museum had been contemplating the idea of offering art-making experiences to adults with disabilities for awhile before reaching out to MoMA’s CreateAbility program as both model and partner.

What came out of this institutional meeting-of-the-minds is a two-part program for individuals aged eighteen and older with developmental or learning disabilities to learn alongside their adult family members or caregivers. The first session will take place in the afternoon of Sunday, February 21st at The Jewish Museum and the second session will be held on the following Sunday, February 28th at MoMA ; for the sake of continuity, both sessions will be facilitated by the same museum educators and will explore the theme of “Materials and Techniques” through an exploration of art in the galleries followed by art-making in the studio.

Coincidentally, CreateAbility was conceived several years ago out of a similar collaboration with an existing program at The Met. Hopefully, The Jewish Museum’s upcoming partnership with MoMA will be just as successful and will continue the process of museums and individuals coming together on an educational level. Please help us spread the word; click on this link to download the flyer with more details.