Being Different: “As Lillith”

When filmmaker Eytan Harris heard the story, he began shooting As Lilith that same day. His riveting documentary takes the viewer through the aftermath of a teenage girl’s suicide. Her strong-willed mother, Lilith, wishes to cremate the body, but Israel’s emergency service, ZAKA, does everything it can to prevent it .

As the family grieves and tries to come to terms with their profound loss, they find themselves on the defensive for being different while also trying to explain the circumstances of the young girl’s death. During the Q&A after the screening, Harris described how he himself found it difficult to accept Lillith’s way of grieving and coping with her situation when he first started filming . It was only later in the process that he began to accept that she was different from others, while still not fully understanding her.

Harris stressed that everything he filmed really happened spontaneously in front of the camera. “People see different things in this film. Some like her, some hate her—I think, that is the interesting thing about the story.”

Aaron Galliner, 2011 Blogger and Festival Volunteer

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