“On Point” Explores the Life and Power of Helena Rubinstein

On Wednesday, January 21, on WBUR-FM and public radio stations nationwide, “On Point”’s Tom Ashbrook spoke with guests Mason Klein, curator of the exhibition Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power, and Nancy Koehn, historian and professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, about Helena Rubinstein’s life and legacy. “Helena corresponded modern art and cosmetics…It was [...]

Dani Gal Discusses As from Afar with Jens Hoffmann

Dani Gal’s short film As from Afar explores the relationship between Simon Wiesenthal, an architect and Holocaust survivor who devoted his life to hunting Nazi criminals, and Albert Speer, Hitler’s chief architect and close confidant. The film is based on letters the two men exchanged in the 1970s. Speer initiated the correspondence with Wiesenthal in 1974 in the effort to [...]