Unconventional Design for an Unconventional Exhibition

Take Me (Iā€™m Yours) at the Jewish Museum, on view through February 5, 2017, is an exhibition that invites visitors to touch, interact with, and take home works of art by 42 artists. Unconventional in nature, the exhibition subverts the well-established visitor behavior of keeping a safe distance from the art, and rethinks the role […]

This Is How We Do It ā€” Roberto Burle Marx: Pioneering Modernist, Environmentalist


Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist is the first comprehensive exhibition in the United States dedicated to Roberto Burle Marx, one of the most influential landscape architects of the twentieth century. Although his work was transformative and redefined landscape design ā€“ abandoning rigid symmetry for abstraction, and rejecting imported flora and European models for native plants […]

Three Women Artists Address Social Practice

Andrea Bowers, Political Ribbons, 2016

  Artists Andrea Bowers, Dana Awartani, and Rivane Neuenschwander include elements of activism, spirituality, and feminism in their works, which will be on view in the participatory exhibition Take Me (I’m Yours), opening September 16. Visitors will be encouraged to interact with and take home works by Bowers, Awartani, and Neuenschwander, part of a group […]