Sheltering Sky

We’re midway through Sukkot, the harvest holiday that also marks the wanderings of the Jews through the desert after the Exodus. A main ritual of this holiday is the construction of a temporary outdoor shelter open to the sky. Jews eat in this hut for seven days reminding them of the fragility of life and […]


Prayer is an essential part of the High Holidays. The artists LoVid through their diverse practice use language, song, music, video, and electronics to connect people. Their video garment Retzuot (ShinShinAgam), which is currently on view in Reinventing Ritual, brings these concepts of prayer and connection together into one beautiful and thought-provoking work. The artists […]

Reinventing Ritual is now open!

We had an absolutely incredible turnout on Monday night, with a long line outside, which I hear has never before happened at a JM opening. People compared it to a Biennial, which is so gratifying because that was one of the unspoken ambitions for this show. The energy and enthusiasm was amazing and inspires us […]