Scene + Heard: The Next Generation

We’re excited to introduce Rachael Abrams as our new Family Programs Coordinator. Rachael is an artist, originally from California, who’s currently living in Brooklyn. She has a bachelor’s in printmaking from UC Santa Cruz. Before joining the Museum, Rachael lived in Barcelona and London, developing as an artist and discovering a passion for art education. […]

Scene + Heard: Director of Publications

When I found out that Mike Sittenfeld, Director of Publications at The Jewish Museum, received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, I felt that sense of camaraderie I like to imagine all English majors feel amongst each other. Mike understands just how delicate the editing process is. He acknowledges that his job requires much […]

Scene + Heard: Security Guard

The Jewish Museum is known to have pretty tight security, but for good reason! We value our art, our visitors and our staff. Our museum guards are essential for ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience each time they visit. So, meet Carl. He has been a guard at The Jewish Museum for […]