Film Fans Seeking “Sixty and the City”

All you need is love…  Divorced with two children, five grandchildren, a dog and a cat, and after having been alone for 10 years, documentarian Nili Tal decides at age 60 that she doesn’t want to grow old alone. So Nili starts online dating.

With honesty and an amazing sense of humor, she turns the camera on herself and some of her dates as she searches for romance on the Internet. During the making of Sixty and the City she dated around 70 men, 10 of whom she filmed. At first, she didn’t want to film herself, but then thought since she was in the same situation as her dates, it would only be fair to do so. In making that decision, Nili Tal personalizes the film in a way that requires a lot of self-confidence. Her quest takes her to Israel, Europe, and on a singles’ cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

By chance, while working on a different film,she came up with idea to make this movie, Tal revealed during the post-screening Q&A. It turned out to be  a very personal Q&A – for  both filmmaker and audience . She reports being on a dating-break right now. In answer to whether she would do anything different were she to make the movie again, Nili said simply, “No. I don’t regret anything.” Many audience members offered that they could relate to the film. One participant said that he has been going to movies for over 70 years and that this film was like nothing he had ever seen before.

“I was afraid that nobody would laugh”, said Tal at the end of the Q&A.  Following the screening at the 20th NYJFF we proved her wrong.

Aaron Galliner, 2011 Blogger and Festival Volunteer

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