Q&A with “The Human Resources Manager” screenwriter Noah Stollman

“The challenge is knowing the character like in the book…”

The audience listened attentively when Noah Stollman, screenwriter of the film The Human Resources Manager outlined the “fascinating process” of adapting A. B. Yehoshua’s book to the motion picture. “While the book has many surreal parts,” Stollman explained during the Q&A session after Saturday’s screening, “a movie has to be more dynamic. You have to see their feelings and get to know them through their actions hoping that the changes you have made are in the author’s interest, too.” 

The film tells the story of a human-resources manager at a bakery in Jerusalem who must get to know one of his employees posthumously after her death in a suicide bombing. In this compelling and sensitive drama he finds himself the unlikely chaperone of the woman’s body to her native Romania. Along the way, he is by turns aided and undermined by members of her family, local politicians and emissaries, and a persistent tabloid reporter.

“A very moving film” said a member of the audience.

Curator’s Note:  The Human Resources Manager is Israel’s official submission for the foreign-language Oscar. On January 20 the Academy will announce a short-list of 9 films, and then on January 25 the 5 official nominations.

Aaron Galliner, 2011 Blogger and Festival Volunteer

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