Views from the Table

A family gathers for Passover dinner. The table, laden with the trappings of observance and celebration, seems to keep its sitters at a distance. They hold their Haggadot, with pages softened by use, seemingly caught in disparate worlds. What does one make of this family of different faces, to which the viewer — whose hands loom large over the proceedings — belongs?

Eye Masks

Through an intricate, meticulous practice that encompasses photography and film, artist Laurie Simmons creates worlds that are at once beautiful and disturbed. This spring, Simmons exhibits a special project at the Jewish Museum entitled Laurie Simmons: How We See, drawing on the “Doll Girls” subculture of people who alter themselves with makeup, dress, and even cosmetic surgery to look like […]

“On Point” Explores the Life and Power of Helena Rubinstein

On Wednesday, January 21, on WBUR-FM and public radio stations nationwide, “On Point”’s Tom Ashbrook spoke with guests Mason Klein, curator of the exhibition Helena Rubinstein: Beauty Is Power, and Nancy Koehn, historian and professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, about Helena Rubinstein’s life and legacy. “Helena corresponded modern art and cosmetics…It was […]